Weeks 16 & 17

Caught up on weeks 16 & 17!

Now that the Downtown Festival & Art Show is behind me, the 365 project is back on track!



Week 16

The weeks leading up to the show were jam packed. So glad to get back into this project with fresh eyes and new ideas. One of the best parts about art shows are some of the conversations with strangers. Someone says something and it sparks an idea that you can run with. A woman came by my booth and told me a story about her truck driving son and a dying monarch butterfly. He took a picture of it with a kaleidoscope in front of the lens and the results were quite lovely. She wanted to share the image with me because she thought I would enjoy adding that element to my own photography.

I thanked her for sharing and reflected on the idea. Immediately I thought how can I incorporate a kaleidoscope into the 365 Project after the fact? There must be a way to edit an image and achieve this effect. I did some searching online and after some trial-and-error finally found a technique that suited my needs. It took a couple of hours to finally get #106 (see top image), and boy was the time worth it. I decided that week 16 would be composed entirely of the kaleidoscope idea. 

I had such a blast with this project. I'm not sure that you could ever get the same results twice. I could do a whole series on this theme, but one week seemed plenty enough for this time around. Especially since I had another week to catch up on. Check out the rest of week 16 here



Week 17

For week 17 I kept with a rippling reality theme. Everything is twisting and turning. Some images seem to be caving into themselves. Others are reminiscent of crashing waves. Ultimately there is motion throughout each one. I'm not sure why motion struck me for this week, but it did. Maybe it's all the commotion going on throughout the world. Since I had to squeeze in two weeks worth of edits in less than one week, plus find time for personal recovery, I found that it was easier to move through the edits if I have a theme to work with. It reduces the amount of time it takes for me to start. It's like a writing prompt of sorts. It was fun to play with more filters and even go so far as to layer filters on top of each other. You can view the rest of week 17 here.

Art Show Feedback

The most common question I got about the project was if I was bored of it yet. My answer was no. There are so many ideas out there just waiting to be plucked. That is why I do my best to carefully watch and listen to the world around me. Had I completely disregarded that woman with her kaleidoscope suggestion as just another art show attendee showing me their smartphone snapshots I would have missed out on an incredible opportunity to expand my skill set and create beautiful images.

It was exciting to see how well people responded to the 365 Project. It was the second public showing of the project in print form, and the postcards were very popular. They were my top seller in fact. I also sold a 12x16 matted print of #33, and the story the customer gave me for it was quite beautiful. I still have cards and framed prints available. If you're interested in purchasing any for the holiday season you can contact me directly. I plan on adding more inventory to my Etsy shop during the coming weeks too, so keep your eyes peeled.

Stay tuned for more posts on experiences at the show, and next week's recap of week 18. I'd like to encourage you to share any thoughts or ideas you may have on future edits. Week 16 was born entirely from a suggestion made by a stranger. Who knows what week 18 will bring...