Week 21

Blurring the Lines of 365

Abstract pictures are fictive models, because they make visible a reality that we can neither see nor describe, but whose existence we can postulate.
— Gerhard Richter


Reality feels blurred lately. The speed at which society moves sometimes creates a blur of days until you find yourself at the end of a year (already!?). Even the lines between right and wrong have become increasingly more blurred. How does one cope? Make art of course!

I noticed that I have neglected blur filters in Photoshop over the past 20 weeks and I had to ask myself why. I suppose I never really knew where to begin. Tack sharp photos tend to be king in photography, but intentional blurs have the ability to transport viewers to an ethereal dreamscape. Motion blurs make static images jump to life causing the viewer to hold on as they move through the scene. Blurs can be achieved in camera or through post-processing. Both hold a plethora of options. I was tentative when I started this week's edits, but as I worked through each one, wading deeper into the waters, I found myself immersed in another ocean of possibilities.

#141 is rays of heavenly light shining on a reflecting pool in a cathedral from another time.


#142 softens the lines reminding me of something from a super hero comic book.


#143 harkens back to a vortex opening up at the center of the universe.


#144 feels like fading memories on a hot summer day.


#145 draws me into its depths. Where does the rabbit hole lead? Does anyone else see the eye to the right of the hole?


#146 is the ocean, soft and powerful, with strong blues and soothing whites.


#147 feels multidimensional as things seem to break apart into segments of the whole as you reach the center. Maybe this is what the inside of the vortex from #143 looks and feels like?


That's all for week 21. I may stick with blurs as I move into week 22. There's no question that I stumbled upon many variations for each edit. There's more to explore here. As always, I welcome your questions and feedback.