Week 22

Blurring the Lines of 365 Part II

The Sense of Time Passing



Are our thoughts nothing but passing trains, no stops, devoid of dimension, whizzing by massive posters with repeating images? Catching a fragment from a window seat, yet another fragment from the next identical frame? If I write in the present yet digress, is that still real time? Real time, I reasoned, cannot be divided into sections like numbers on the face of a clock. If I write about the past as I simultaneously dwell in the present, am I still in real time? Perhaps there is no past or future, only the perpetual present that contains this trinity of memory.
— Patti Smith, M Train

It's that time of year when everyone hustles and bustles to and fro in a frazzled frenzy to beat the clock. It's that time of year when we reflect on the past 12 months and wonder what became of it all. It's that time of year when the world is moving at the speed of light while you long for a moment to pause, look around, and appreciate the beauty that is often overlooked.

For week 22 I decided to carry on with blurs. It seemed fitting for this time of year with everything moving so fast. A stark contrast to my editing process where I sit down and let curiosity lead me. There is no rush through edits. There is no pushing to get it done. There is just the time it takes to find the sweet spot. Some edits take 5 minutes with just a couple of steps leading me to a pleasing result. Other edits take more effort, particularly if I have a fixed outcome in mind. I am at the mercy of the process and I thoroughly enjoy letting go into it.

#148 has a Christmas light feel to it as the whole world seems distorted.


#149 reminds me of stop lights reflected in puddles on a late night outing.


#150 is a subway passing by at high speed, or a throng of people bustling to and fro getting last minute Christmas gifts for loved ones.


#151 is zooming into the center of it all. The dark vertical line just above center reminds me of a pupil.


#152 is a distorted world. The colors are off and the sidewalk isn't as flat as it should be.


#153 feels like too much to drink.


#154 is seeing the focal point through a spyglass.


This concludes week 22. Tune in next week for the next installment of edits as we wrap up 2017 at last! I always welcome your questions or comments below.