Week 39

The Doing



Don’t wait for inspiration. It comes while one is working.
— Henri Matisse

In the aftermath of the Spring Arts Festival I failed to notice that I hit 265 edits in week 38. That means there are less than 100 edits to go. Woohoo! Approaching the final countdown. As always, I'm especially looking forward to sharing the last 14 weeks with all of you.

Week 39 pulled me back to the Tile and Extruder filters. What can I say, they are amazingly interesting with seemingly endless possibilities. By taking another week to focus on these two filters I was able to experiment with the different options for each filter. On every edit I created one layer with the tile filter and a second layer with the extruder filter. Layering order varied from edit to edit, with a blend mode applied to the topmost layer. I used the Divide blend mode the most, but its variations soon wore out leading me to other blend modes. I then made adjustments to brightness and coloring. 

That covers the technical part, now on to the exploratory part. I didn't really have a clear vision when I started this week. Each day was like staring at a blank canvas wondering what on earth would appear this time. I started where my curiosity was pulling me the most and everything evolved from there. In the past this process intimidated me. The now what question was always fraught with anxiety. Now when I ask that question I am excited for the potential of creating something new.

Through this project I have come to terms with the discomfort of not knowing, trusting that something will result so long as I take the time to start. I try to practice daily, but it doesn't always work out. I am no longer disappointed by that fact so long as I make an effort to keep the ball rolling, even if it's a slow jelly kind of roll. These lessons are invaluable regardless of the type work being done. 

I'm not entirely sure where this project will end up. I have some grand visions of course. A book, the possibility of a gallery exhibit with all 365 images, collectable limited edition postcard sets, more sales. Regardless of what happens though, I will always carry the lessons and discipline learned from undertaking such an extensive year-long project. I'm extending my deepest gratitude to all of you who have been following along as I have journeyed down roads unknown. The sharing aspect has been just as rewarding as the learning, if not more so.

Back to the edits for week 39. I loved how the pixels seemed to be exploding out of the scene as though a huge solar flare hit and everything blows out to white. Some edits look like molten lava, some look like crashing waves on the beach. What do you see here? Which do you like best? Do any of these remind you of something? Do you have a favorite? Leave your feedback in the comments. I'd love to know your thoughts.