Week 51

Decisions, Decisions

It does not take much strength to do things, but it requires a great deal of strength to decide what to do.
— Elbert Huggard

Week 51. Wow. I almost don't even know what to say. It's unreal that this project is coming to an end. I had a lot of ideas on what I would do for this week, but none of them felt right. I could definitely carry this project beyond 365 images. The raw image has become a tinted blank canvas on which I have explored a world of possibilities, 365 possibilities. If you can believe it I've only hit the tip of the iceberg on Photoshop. There's still so much I don't know about the program, but I can say that I know more than when I started.

So what to do for week 51? I thought about my cat, more Vine photos, something with numbers, quilts. I've gotten a nice list of suggestions for the week 52 community engagement component that I'm eager to dive into, but not enough to stretch through week 51. The clock was ticking and I was frozen with ideas.

Then it finally hit me! I'm realizing that not everyone has followed along with the project from day one. When I explain the project to people it doesn't always click that I'm editing the same image everyday for an entire year. As a way to drive that fact home I thought it would be cool to take portions of various edits and mask them over the raw. This would result in a complete version of the raw image in terms of overall composition. A way to piece it all back together.

I had to make several decisions regarding the layout. I knew I wanted a section of the original raw to always remain visible, and it needed to be the same section for each edit. I then decided that a 3x3 grid was the most efficient way to go about this task. I've had a lot going on this week getting ready for the Studio Tour and making a living, so I needed to make this week's edits easy enough for me to juggle everything else. However, I could have done more than 3x3 and think it would look amazing if I went so far as to incorporate all versions into this concept. The exponential factor of this task alone could possibly produce another year's worth of images.

I made some guides to mark off each section by using the crop tool with the rule of thirds overlay. This was the least complicated way for me to get my grid marks in place without overcomplicating the canvas visually. It's complicated enough! The guides will allow me to mask off all of the subsequent images and gave me a visual on where boundary lines would fall. From here I decided on keeping the center square of the raw image visible as it contains a combination of elements I've always been fond of.

Now to decide on what images to incorporate. This is where things start to get overwhelming. I have 350 images to choose from. As a way to narrow down the numbers I decided to use only images that had a landscape orientation. This brought it down to 298 images. I then decided to use only uncropped images so that the pieces would match up. I then gave each edit a theme as a way to further narrow the selection. I was strictly going for the least complicated approach. The least amount of decision fatigue.

For #351 I went with images that only had adjustments to color or texture. No distortions of any kind.

For #352 I went the complete opposite of #351. I wanted distortions of every kind, or at least 8 for the time being.

For #353 I went with cut outs where I use pieces from different images that I cut out and brought into the raw. This involved birds and people.

For #354 I wanted to use cut outs from the raw image itself. This included the kaleidoscope series I did last November, along with my paper airplanes and buildings.

For #355 I went with images that incorporated other photographs and blend modes. I had plenty to choose from making it hard to choose only 8.

For #356 I went with squares and pixels. I had a run of square inspired edits and wanted to showcase what I could.

Finally, for #357 I went with everything circles. I did a bit with circles near the end and it seemed fitting to come full circle with that theme.

I think that covers the range of work I did over the course of a year. Not all of my favorites made it in although it was nice to highlight some of the "neglected" edits. This almost feels like the end, but it's really not. Week 52 will be created from ideas entirely from you. There's still time for you to submit your suggestions here. I can't wait to see what happens. Thank you all again for your continued support. Looking forward to wrapping up this yearlong project next week, in that bittersweet sort of way.