Michelle M. Nagri


Michelle has spent the majority of her life being the quiet observer. Spoken word never came easy for her, but she still had something within that she wanted to share with the world. In 2010 she was introduced to a digital SLR camera and immediately fell in love. Since then she's been honing her craft in an attempt to find her voice. She enjoys nature and architecture as subject matters, and especially loves to abstract such environments in order to highlight the light, the shape, and the feeling of a particular location.

Photography is a form of communication. I want people to see the beauty that surrounds them. I want people to notice the little details while taking in the big picture. When you look at my photos I want you to be stimulated mentally. What is this? Where was this taken? What am I looking at? What does this remind me of? How does this make me feel? 

In 2018 she completed her 365 Project, a personal undertaking in which she took a single unedited photograph and digitally manipulated that same photograph differently everyday for one year. The result was 365 unique pieces of art which blur the boundaries between digital painting and photography. Each day was a new approach, a new vision. A book of the project is nearing completion and set to be released summer 2019.   



  • 2018 Judge’s Recognition, #133 from 365 Project, GFAA Gallery juried Creativity Takes Courage National Exhibit

  • 2018 Award of Excellence, #33 from 365 Project, GFAA Gallery Photography & Digital Art Exhibit

  • 2018 Award of Merit, Angles & Lines Galore, GFAA Gallery Watercolor & Miniatures Exhibit

  • 2015 The Helen Rucarean Award of Merit, GFAA Winter Fine Arts Fair at Tioga Town Center